Only one word to describe this Championship: "fantastic"

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Lob von allen Seiten

Before the individual European Champion is crowned on Sunday afternoon, a summary of the past days of the Longines FEI Jumping European Championship was drawn in the morning. Event President Ludger Beerbaum, Event Director Karsten Lütteken, Chair of the FEI Jumping Department Stephan Ellenbruch and FEI Jumping Director Marco Fusté came together to discuss the event. 


"We have been really lucky," Ludger Beerbaum stated. "The circumstances could not have been better thanks to the weather." Beerbaum continued that he was grateful for the trust placed in the Organisers. That he and his team have been able to justify it, however, is not all his doing, he said. "I am a bit proud. But the one who was actually in charge was Karsten."  And with that, Beerbaum gave the floor to Karsten Lütteken, whom he had once met at the University of Cologne. 


Lütteken has been managing the Riesenbeck International equestrian center since 2015. Competitions have already taken place here, but the European Championships are the highlight so far. Asked whether the challenge had been greater than he had expected, or whether everything had perhaps worked out even a little better, Lütteken answered: "Both!" On the whole, he said, "everything worked more or less perfectly." This also includes the issue of spectators, which was difficult in Corona times. 


The authorities had allowed 3250 visitors. Today, it will be a full house to witness who will become the new European Champion.   While the organizers spoke modesty, the FEI representatives did not hide their enthusiasm. Stephan Ellenbruch: "Ludger has always been a bit down in the dumps in recent weeks, saying that this would not be perfect. However, I knew from the beginning that all will be good. Because who, if not him, should succeed in this?" 


As for his personal impression of the tournament, he noted, "The tournament so far has been simply fantastic. I wouldn't even want to try to find another word for it - the showground is unique, the riders super happy." Fantastic was also the word he found for the sport that has been on offer in Riesenbeck over the past few days. And in sporting terms, yes, it's going to be really exciting again today, as FEI Jumping Director Marco Fusté reminded: "We have a lot of riders who are within one fence of the title." No coincidence: "We had perfect conditions for good sport here."